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  • Smiely Khurana

Sustainable Fashion with Celine Kabaker

Fashion is one of the largest industries in the world, so it's both expected and apparent that there is a lot of time, energy and labour that goes into the market. However, due to the rapid increase in fast fashion, it has quickly become one of the largest polluting industries in the world.

On the new episode of The Sustainable Act, I sit down with Celine Kabaker, owner and creator of ALMOST THERE, a sustainable fashion line focused on creating ethical and inclusive women's clothing. Celine's company is based in Los Angeles and has combined her years of top tier fashion experience and passion for the environment into creating this brand.


With a strong executive background at top fashion houses such as Juicy Couture, Forever21 and Victoria's Secret, Celine embodies a fashion expert with experience in both the creative and corporate fields. As a dynamic leader who utilizes creativity, teamwork and leadership skills to design and execute, Celine has created a collection inspired by her grandmother’s hometown of Avignon in the South of France. A Los Angeles native, Celine recently launched the sustainable fashion brand ALMOST THERE for all women who are “almost there.” The name honours embracing a woman’s journey with acceptance, while also recognizing the importance of our planet’s future.

Tune into the latest episode to learn all about the process behind ethically sourcing, designing and creating a fashion line, the benefits of supporting a sustainable business, the impact your closet has on the planet and much more! Available to listen now on all major podcast platforms.

To learn more about ALMOST THERE, visit there website and shop using our exclusive discount code: POWER30 to receive 30% off your total order, which can be shipped internationally!

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