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BIPOC Credits: Celebrating Diversity in BC's Film Industry

Welcome to BIPOC Credits, your backstage pass to the vibrant world of BC's booming film industry! Hosted by the dynamic Andy Wong and produced by the talented Nightingale, this podcast is your ultimate guide to the diverse faces and stories that make up the magic of movie-making in British Columbia. Whether you're an aspiring filmmaker, a seasoned pro, or just a movie buff, BIPOC Credits will teach you how to be a part of the action and celebrate the incredible contributions of BIPOC creatives in the industry. Tune in for insider tips, inspiring stories, and a closer look at the people shaping the future of film.

From the creators themselves:

BIPOC Credits is a proud supporter of The Sustainable Act for its commitment to the environment and sharing its wealth of knowledge with accessibility.  As recent guests of the podcast, we enjoyed the conversations we had, so please check out this episode.  We are very aligned in terms of education.  More specifically, BIPOC Credits interviews diverse crew members in BC’s film industry. We talk about their position, what mindset to have and other topics that occur while on the job such as safety concerns while coordinating stunts, misogyny in the workplace, finding your community and hopes for the future. Our guests also provide resources that we post in our newsletter to help you access pre-existing programs that support local filmmakers.

Our goal is to encourage BIPOC communities to enter and excel in the film industry by showing that others have found success already. In addition to the information on our podcast, we feel it’s important to keep these communities up to date with all the events happening in BC that can help them get a leg up. Our monthly newsletter, and now our calendar, keeps everyone updated on what’s happening in the BC film industry.

Join host Smiely Khurana as she sits down with two inspiring voices from the BIPOC Credits Podcast team, Andy Wong and Nightingale, for an enlightening and dynamic conversation on The Sustainable Act with Smiely Khurana. Andy Wong, a seasoned filmmaker and assistant director, and Nightingale, a multidisciplinary artist and mental health advocate, share their journeys and insights into the evolving landscape of the film industry.]

Why You Should Listen:

This episode dives deep into the power of community, networking, and the importance of collaboration over competition. Andy and Nightingale discuss their pivotal moments, the strategies they've used to overcome obstacles, and how they've built meaningful partnerships with organizations like the DGC and Vancouver Asian Film Festival.

Listeners will gain valuable insights on:

  • The intersection of storytelling and community engagement.

  • Effective strategies for breaking through barriers as BIPOC creatives.

  • The evolving landscape of diversity in the film industry.

  • Practical advice on integrating sustainable practices on set.

  • Balancing multiple impactful projects while staying true to core values.

Andy also shares his experiences across different film genres and how it shapes his mentoring approach, while Nightingale opens up about her initiatives like Bridging the Gap In Motion and Quarantine Qapsule, highlighting the intersection between art and mental health advocacy.

Don't miss this engaging and informative episode that showcases the power of representation, sustainability, and authentic storytelling in driving social change. Tune in and be inspired to make a difference in your own creative journey! 🎧✨

Available now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and your favourite podcast platforms.

Check out the BIPOC Credits podcast here

Follow BIPOC Credits on Instagram: @bipoccredits


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