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Join The Sustainable Act Collective on its journey to create a world where sustainable living is not just a choice but a way of life, driven by collective action and shared values.


Inclusivity: Embracing diversity and fostering collaboration among communities and professionals.

Innovation: Promoting creative solutions and staying ahead of the curve in sustainability.

Accessibility: Making sustainability accessible and relatable to people from all walks of life.


The Sustainable Act Collective is dedicated to creating a sustainable future by:


1. Empowering Communities: Providing tools, resources, and workshops to local and global communities, fostering self-sufficiency and resilience.

2. Cultivating Partnerships: Collaborating with youth, parks, arts, and multimedia professionals, as well as like-minded organizations, to amplify the impact of sustainability initiatives.

​3. Inspiring Action: Through the podcast and other platforms, inspiring individuals to take tangible steps towards sustainable living.

4. Facilitating Knowledge Exchange: Creating a space for the exchange of ideas, research, and innovation in the field of sustainability.

Stay tuned for some exciting opportunities and announcements in 2024! The Sustainable Act is currently going through a rebrand and strategic planning, and we are so excited to bring the community some new initiatives, podcast episodes and collaborations!

Smiely Khurana

Smiely Khurana is a seasoned filmmaker with a background in Motion Picture Arts and Communications from Capilano University. Her passion lies in telling impactful stories, with a keen focus on diverse, underrepresented, and environmental topics. Her career has spanned a wide spectrum of productions, where she has excelled in pivotal roles as a Producer, Sustainability Lead, and Marketing Specialist.

From 2021-2024, Smiely served as the inaugural Reel Green™ Sustainability Lead at Creative BC. In this capacity, she not only supported and connected the growing Reel Green community, but also played a vital role in implementing Reel Green's strategic plan. Her efforts extend to deepening the industry's expertise and tool utilization, transforming production practices through Clean Energy municipal collaborations, and guiding industry transition to a circular economy.

Beyond work titles, Smiely is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. Smiely has led discussions and delivered keynote speeches at universities and global conferences, and making her voice heard through her successful podcast, "The Sustainable Act with Smiely Khurana."

Smiely extends her impact through her production company, Khurana Kreative Media Inc. Here, she produces films, oversees multimedia projects, handles podcasting, and takes the lead in digital marketing. Collaborating with films and production companies, she offers strategy, content creation, and social media marketing expertise.

Her dedication transcends the professional sphere. Smiely has contributed her insights to Capilano University's Faculty of Fine & Applied Arts, where she played a role in developing the newly introduced Ethical Producer course.

Outside her work and creative endeavors, Smiely is an active advocate for positive change. She serves on the Board of Directors for Metro Vancouver Regional Parks Foundation and as a member of the Board of Advisors for Hollywood Climate Summit.

With a profound grasp of the creative and business facets of the film industry, Smiely Khurana remains steadfast in championing diverse narratives, promoting sustainability, and creating a more inclusive world.

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