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Taking Action with Writers Guild of America West

The Writers Guild of America West commits to climate storytelling and sustainable practices. On their website, WGAW have curated a list of resources and contacts to support members with knowledge, information, and best practices.

The Sustainable Act Podcast is proud to be featured on this list! Our podcast consists of invaluable conversations and resources with industry leaders on how you can be more sustainable on your next production.

Check out the website for more information, and see below the list of current resources that are listed on WGAW.

Pasted from WGAW's website:

The climate crisis necessitates immediate global attention and action. As writers, we are in a unique position to make a difference. Here's how:


The climate crisis can be integrated into any kind of story, in small or explicit ways. All of it makes a difference. And you don’t have to be an expert. Here are some resources on how to incorporate climate content in your projects.

Sustainable Production

Here are some resources on changes you can make to reduce your production’s carbon output. No matter your position on staff, every voice helps! 


Guild members who have volunteered to serve as resources:

Producers Guild of America contacts:

And If You Want More… 

Make sure to follow and subscribe to The Sustainable Act on all major podcast platforms, as well as our website to stay in the know!


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