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  • Smiely Khurana

Steve Vitolo on Creating Scriptation - The #1 PDF App for Film & TV

This week, I'm honoured to be joined by the incredible Steve Vitolo, who is the CEO and Founder of Scriptation, the #1 PDF app for film and tv professionals!

Steve lets me in on the process and inspiration behind creating the digital app that lets you instantly view, annotate, and transfer notes from script to script - saving individuals and productions millions of sheets of papers!

Used by people of all backgrounds in film and tv, including writers, directors, actors, assistant directors, and more, Scriptation has influenced a greener change in the film industry with their #pledgepaperless campaign and goal.

Check out the full video episode of Steve chatting with me about the highlights, challenges, advice and story behind the launch of the app and future goal!


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