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  • Smiely Khurana

Recycling 101 with Kelsey Evans

Kicking off season 2 of The Sustainable Act, I'm super thrilled to bring recycling queen, Kelsey Evans, onto the show to chat with me and answer some questions we may all be having about waste sorting and the overall practice!

Most people are familiar with the practice of recycling and composting, however there's still a lot of misconceptions and confusion with things such as what can be recycled, where do our items go, why it's crucial we take part in sorting our waste, etc. I hope this episode teaches you something new and answers some questions you may have had!

Kelsey Evans is the Owner and Operator of Keep it Green Recycling, a recycling company which services business, film productions, homes and special events in the Metro Vancouver area. Starting her career in the film industry, Kelsey noticed the lack of awareness and practice of recycling and composting on set and in office, so she took it upon herself to start providing bins and tools to help people manage their waste. Over 11 years, she grew a team of passionate people that have been working with the community to divert tons, and tons (and tons) of waste from going into the landfill.

In this episode, we discuss residential curbside recycling verse commercial recycling, where to take your recyclables, why you should recycle and compost, personal protective equipment (PPE) and managing waste during Covid, and how Keep it Green helps with all of this! We also discuss bioplastic (compostable plastics) and if they can truly be composted, what happens at a composting facility, how businesses can benefit from recycling, and the biggest challenges of running a recycling company!

Smiely reads submissions sent in by The Sustainable Act followers including: challenges & barriers to recycling, myths related to waste, general questions about waste, and poll surveys about how many people recycle at home and work. Kelsey shares her thoughts on each response and offers great intel and feedback!

Check out the responses sent in by our followers! Do these numbers surprise you? Listen to the episode to hear Kelsey's reaction and thoughts!

Make sure to listen to the episode, available on major podcast platforms and our website landing page. Grab a notebook or your notes app because I guarantee you will be taking notes and learning a lot of new things! Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast, subscribe to our blog, leave a review and SHARE with your family and friends so we can all be better, more sustainable humans!

Learn about Keep it Green Recycling and Kelsey on their website. And be sure to hire them for your business recycling if you reside in Metro Vancouver!

Some resources and sites to check out to help on your recycling journey:

TerraCycle - Free Recycling Services

Got more? Send us a DM on Instagram or tweet us to tell us your thoughts, tips you learnt, resources and more!

To a sustainable future!




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