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Mastercard dedicates its 2024 GRAMMY Awards® campaign to forest restoration with Priceless Planet Coalition

In a harmonious fusion of music and Mother Nature, Mastercard recently stole the spotlight at the 2024 GRAMMY Awards, transforming the glitz and glamour of the event into a powerful call for global sustainability. The financial giant's GRAMMYs campaign, dedicated to the restoration of 100 million trees through the Priceless Planet Coalition, proves that environmental responsibility can be as catchy as a chart-topping hit.

Music as a Catalyst for Change

Mastercard recognizes the extraordinary influence of music in mobilizing a movement. Statistics reveal that music enthusiasts are 1.5 times more likely to take action for the environment. Enter the 2024 GRAMMYs campaign – a symphony of collaboration, featuring Lyft and SiriusXM, amplifying the call for collective action.

SZA's Serenade and Instagram Sweepstakes

The highlight of the evening was SZA's mesmerizing performance at the GRAMMY House, debuting "Saturn" from her upcoming album, LANA. The connection between artistry and environmental action is beautifully embodied in SZA's performance. To involve the audience even further, Mastercard initiated an Instagram sweepstakes, allowing cardholders the chance to win a tree seed from SZA's performance outfit.

Gaming for Greenery and GRAMMY House Experience

Mastercard doesn't stop at traditional channels. In collaboration with GameSquare, they've introduced a Fortnite game mode, "Restore the Forest Speedrun," where players compete to restore a virtual forest. The GRAMMY House experience also took attendees on an immersive journey, honouring and inspiring a diverse community of music creators and professionals.

This year's GRAMMYs campaign continues Mastercard's longstanding sponsorship of the event, showcasing a commitment to connecting with people and supporting the music industry, artists, and fans. The Priceless Planet Coalition, involving over 140 partners, unites efforts to combat climate change, guided by experts from Conservation International and World Resources Institute.

As we applaud the memorable performances and achievements celebrated at the GRAMMYs, let's also echo the call for a sustainable future. Mastercard's encore for global greenery is a reminder that every beat and every action can contribute to a melody of positive change.

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