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  • Smiely Khurana

8 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day This Year

Earth Day falls on April 22, 2021 this year and to honour the planet and our home, I believe it's even more crucial we do our part and give back this year than ever before.

With a global pandemic, we have been even more exposed to our current climate reality, but also nature and our beautiful backyards have helped us get through lockdowns and several waves of the pandemic.

I personally have spent more time outside going on walks with my family, exploring new trails and/or just getting some fresh air to take a break from what is happening in the world.

How can you honour Earth this year? Here are some ideas and inspiration that you can apply. If you got more ideas or want to share how you will celebrate Earth this year, share it with us on Instagram by tagging @thesustainableact!

1) Spend Time Outside

The best way you can celebrate Earth is by exploring her and appreciating all she has to offer. Whether it be a nature walk, a run outside, checking out a local trail, or just simply sitting outside, spending time outside is the best way to honour our home.

I feel incredibly lucky to be living close to so many parks and trails so that is where you will be finding me!

2) Reduce and Reuse

By reducing and reusing what we have, we are able to slow down our consumption and eventually our waste. Pollution and global warming is increasing rapidly every day and a large part of that reason is our global mass of waste produced every day.

Next time you are thinking of shopping or ordering something online, think twice. If you are going to the store, bring your reusable produce and shopping bags with you to skip the plastic bags. Carry your reusable coffee mugs / water bottles / straws / etc with you!

3) Support Local Small Businesses

If you are shopping or eating out, visit small businesses and support your community directly. This is especially important right now as many small businesses are suffering due to lockdown closures and restrictions.

If you are able to pick up your food orders, order from the restaurants directly instead of through food delivery apps, as these apps tend to take a huge chunk of percentage from the order total! Visit your local farmers markets or support small businesses online.

4) Watch, Listen or Read about Environmentalism and Climate Change

This is a great way to learn more about your impact, the climate reality and crisis, and open your eyes to how you can help. Educating yourself not only allows you to better understand why we need to take more action, but also helps you with solutions and clear plans. And then you are able to share this new found knowledge with your networks!

You can also listen to The Sustainable Act podcast to learn about people making a difference in their communities and be inspired to take action!

5) Try a Plant Based Diet

Whether it be a meal, a day, a week, or completely switching over to plant based, you would be able to try delicious new meals while also reducing your carbon footprint. Our food system accounts for more than a quarter of all greenhouse gas emissions, making animal agriculture one of the largest contributors to climate change.

6) Donate to a Charity or Cause

Support your favourite organization that is doing its part to help the environment!

I am leading a fundraiser on my production for the Pacific Parklands Foundation in honour of Earth Day, in partnership with Reel Green. Through this, we will raise funds for special projects for habitat restoration, reforestation, and wetland protection for Metro Vancouver parks. We are competing with other local productions in town to raise the most money for the parks we all love to work and play in!

Anyone and everyone is encouraged to donate! Check out the donation page here.

7) Start A Garden

Not only is gardening a great activity to do in the springtime, but growing your own food is very eco-friendly, cost-saving, and rewarding! A goal I am personally taking on myself this year, there's many resources online with tips and guides on how to grow your own herbs/veggies/fruits/flowers. If you live in a small apartment like me with no backyard, you can look into small balcony planters!

8) Write a Letter

A great way to make change and bring up issues that matter can be by writing an email or letter to your local representative or MP regarding current legislations surrounding the environment at the provincial/state or national level!

Is there another way you will be celebrating Earth Day not listed above? Share what you are doing with me on Instagram over at @TheSustainableAct and inspire others at the same time!

In the meantime, it would mean the *world* to me if you subscribe to The Sustainable Act blog and podcast! I am planning on releasing a collection of new episodes and posts in the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

To a sustainable future!




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